It’s the release day of my very first album “Parting Lights”!! 🤩 Thanks to all of you lovely people who supported, inspired, motivated and believed in me – love you guys!
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I hope you’re all awaiting the video for my single”Parting Lights”, coming on January 26. We got the wonderful opportunity to film in the “Parktheater Bensheim”. Had a great time working with Dirk in the pretty hall.  Here are some impressions:

Album release date January 26th is quickly approaching! With it, the second single “Parting Lights” (eponymous) will be released. Really looking forward. Here are some impressions of the videoshoot.

For getting a foresty vibe in the first settings, we filmed in the Ravenna canyon in the black forest. The takes with snow are on top of the mountain range (Feldberg, 1493 m) – actually a tad too cold for just wearing a leather jacket.

Looking forward to a great video, again from video producer Dirk.