After nearly 2 years without concerts we were blessed with the most perfect gig we could imagine – a warm summer evening, an amazing location at Stadtstrand Düsseldorf, our highly competent friends from the event team Stadtklang and an excited and loving audience. It was pure bliss, something we will never forget!

Who would have thought that making music would involve much more planning of music? Organizational and networking skills are surely what you pick up along the way :). Cheers to all fellow musical planners out there – stay awake and alert for every upcoming occasion. Chance waits just around the corner of our journey!

Here are some impressions from our concert at the wonderful Café Maije. Amazing evening with a great audience and top organizers – thanks to Kulturevents Rhein-Neckar for your support and the great chance to enjoy these hours with you! <3 Thanks also to the photographer Andreas Spieler for the beautiful pictures!


Packed up in our little tour car, we had everything we needed to face 5 great concerts through Germany. We had such a great time and met the nicest people, old and new friends, amazed listeners and fascinating locations. The cozy Prinz Max bar in Mannheim, the medieval style café in Tübingen with a real grand piano (!), the lively brewery in Ratingen, the exquisite café Beethoven in Düsseldorf. We’ll never forget these loveable locations :)!

Indeed, the German winter was indulgent and blessed us with mild weather and a wonderful sunny day on our ride back home. There is nothing more to say than: I am incredibly greateful for all the great memories and the joy that we could bring to the listeners. There were some magical moments in this tour for sure.

Here are some impressions from the tour: